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Rainbow Frames

Grimm’s Rainbow Frames

Original price was: R2,526.00.Current price is: R1,499.00.

Grimms Mobile Home

Grimms Mobile Homes


Botree Haba Activity Spiral Spring Worm

Haba Activity Spiral Spring Worm

Original price was: R580.00.Current price is: R435.00.

Botree Haba Bowl Rainbow Spectrum

Haba Bowls

Original price was: R343.00.Current price is: R189.00.

Botree Haba Breakfast Board Rainbow Spectrum

Haba Breakfast Boards

Original price was: R267.00.Current price is: R149.00.

Botree Haba Building Blocks Bad Rodach

Haba Building Blocks Bad Rodach

Original price was: R1,206.00.Current price is: R904.50.

Haba Carving Glove Set

Haba Carving Glove Set

Original price was: R413.00.Current price is: R309.75.

Botree Haba Clutching Toy Elephant

Haba Clutching Toys


Botree Haba Color It!

Haba Colour It!

Original price was: R320.00.Current price is: R240.00.

Botree Haba Cutlery Rainbow Spectrum

Haba Cutlery

Original price was: R349.00.Current price is: R199.00.

Haba Dangling Figure Mirrors


Botree Haba Explorer Car Paul

Haba Explorer Car Paul

Original price was: R620.00.Current price is: R465.00.

Botree Haba Glittery Tumbler Rainbow Spectrum

Haba Glittery Tumblers

Original price was: R267.00.Current price is: R149.00.

Botree Haba Karuba

Haba Karuba

Original price was: R850.00.Current price is: R680.00.

Botree Haba Little Friends – Julius and Baby Monkey

Haba Little Friends-Julius and Baby Monkey

Original price was: R476.00.Current price is: R357.00.

Botree Haba Little Friends – Naomi

Haba Little Friends-Naomi

Original price was: R318.00.Current price is: R238.50.