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SKU: 305778

3D Arranging Game Tangram Cube

3D Arranging Game Tangram Cube SKU: 305778

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The Tangram Cube game from Haba offers an innovative take on the classic tile-based game, tailored for children aged 2 and above. Designed for stacking, constructing, and creative play, this set features 21 geometric tiles crafted from beechwood. These tiles come together to form a vibrant 10 x 10 x 10 cm cube of prisms and squares.

The game set includes 10 double-sided template cards, allowing kids to either recreate suggested designs or freely craft their own structures.

This 3D educational toy helps children over the age of 2 develop color and shape recognition, while also honing spatial awareness, focus, and fine motor skills.

Constructed with Haba’s commitment to quality, these Tangram building blocks are made from sustainably sourced beechwood and are finished with eco-friendly, water-based paints and solvent-free varnish.

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