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5 Girls LEGO Polybag Pack

LEGO DOTS Mini Frame Polybag SKU 30556; LEGO DOTS Photo Holder Cube Polybag SKU 30557; LEGO DUPLO My First My First Space Rocket Polybag SKU 30332; Lego Friends Flower Cart Polybag SKU 30413; LEGO Ninjago Lloyds Quad Bike Polybag SKU 30539


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Ultimate LEGO Fun Pack: 5-in-1 Creative Bundle

Dive into a world of endless possibilities, vibrant colors, and creative adventures with our Ultimate LEGO Fun Pack! This bundle combines five of the most unique and popular LEGO Polybag sets, offering a delightful experience for builders of all ages. Here’s what you’ll discover inside:

  1. LEGO DOTS Mini Frame Polybag
    • Features: A blend of craft and creativity, this customizable Mini Frame is a unique piece of functional home decor. Showcase your favorite memories by infusing personal flair using tiles from other LEGO DOTS sets.
    • Specifications: 85 pieces of durable plastic with interlocking block type. Also includes a comprehensive instruction guide for assembly.
  2. LEGO DOTS Photo Holder Cube Polybag
    • Features: An artistic canvas, this Photo Holder Cube not only holds your cherished pictures but also offers a compartment for keepsakes. Let your imagination run wild with its endless design possibilities.
    • Specifications: Consists of 109 pieces, including the unique Photo Holder Cube and a variety of design tiles for customization.
  3. LEGO DUPLO My First Space Rocket Polybag
    • Features: Crafted for budding astronauts, this colorful space rocket ignites creativity and curiosity. It’s an educational launchpad introducing toddlers to shapes, colors, and numbers.
    • Specifications: A compact 8-piece set, it includes the “My First Space Rocket” under the LEGO DUPLO My First theme.
  4. Lego Friends Flower Cart Polybag
    • Features: Step into the vibrant world of Lego Friends with this quaint flower cart set. Enjoy imaginative play with included characters Liz Microdoll and Stephanie Minidoll.
    • Specifications: A collector’s delight with 48 pieces, this set is recommended for ages 6 and up.
  5. LEGO Ninjago Lloyd’s Quad Bike Polybag
    • Features: Embark on ninja adventures with Lloyd and his rugged quad bike. A compact set loaded with rich details, it’s perfect for Ninjago enthusiasts.
    • Specifications: Suitable for ages 6 and up, this 39-piece set includes an exclusive Lloyd minifigure, quad bike, and a comprehensive instruction booklet.

Gift this pack and watch as each set unfolds a world of imagination, creativity, and storytelling. Whether building a frame, launching a rocket, setting up a flower cart, or venturing into the Ninjago realm, the Ultimate LEGO Fun Pack promises endless hours of entertainment. Perfect for birthdays, special occasions, or simply fueling one’s passion for LEGO!

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