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Haba Breakfast Board Dinos

Haba Breakfast Board Dinos SKU 305148


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Haba Breakfast Board Dinos: Step into a world where breakfast meets prehistoric fun! Unearth the magic of mealtime with the Haba Breakfast Board Dinos. Every bite taken from this board is a journey through time, as little ones dine alongside the majestic creatures that once roamed our earth.

Roaring to life on this board are two vibrant and playful dinosaurs. Their spirited antics promise not just a meal, but an adventure, setting young imaginations alight. Whether they’re stomping through jungles or soaring through ancient skies, these dino companions make every meal a captivating tale of discovery.

Functionality harmonizes with fantasy in the Haba Breakfast Board Dinos. Meticulously crafted from robust melamine, this board is built to withstand the lively energy of kids. Its design considers the smallest of details: rubber nubs at the back ensure the board remains stable, allowing budding adventurers to hone their independent eating skills confidently.

Key Features:

  • Dino Delight: The board’s center stage is dominated by two lively dinosaurs, ensuring every meal is accompanied by thrilling tales from a time long past.
  • Practical Design: With rubber nubs for stability, this board ensures that meals remain uninterrupted by slips or slides.
  • Sturdy & Durable: Made from high-quality melamine, it promises to remain a treasured part of mealtime memories for years.
  • Easy Cleanup: Its dishwasher-safe nature ensures that post-meal cleanups are a breeze.
  • Perfect Pairing: This board complements Haba’s Dinos tableware series, offering a synchronized and delightful dining experience.

The Haba Breakfast Board Dinos is more than a mere mealtime accessory. It’s a portal to an era of mystery and wonder, a bridge between the present and the ancient world. It’s where culinary delights meet childhood fantasies, where every morsel is an adventure, and every bite, an expedition into the unknown. This board serves not just food, but tales of adventure, wonder, and boundless curiosity. It’s an ideal gift for little explorers, turning everyday meals into grand tales of adventure. Whether at home or on the go, let your child’s imagination soar with every bite, only with Haba’s child-friendly design.

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