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Building Blocks Coburg

Building Blocks Coburg SKU 305456


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Step into the heart of Coburg, brought to life by Botree’s Building Blocks Coburg. Drawing inspiration from the historic town close to HABA’s heart, this set promises a journey of creativity and architectural wonder:

  • Cityscapes Reimagined: Offering young architects aged 1.5 and above a canvas to lay, build, and stack, this set transforms playtimes into exciting urban planning sessions. Recreate the charm of Coburg or invent a cityscape of your very own.
  • Harmonious Aesthetics: Comprising 28 building blocks, the set seamlessly blends house facades, verdant trees, majestic gates, and ornate turrets. Rendered in soothing natural colors, every construction emerges as a cohesive work of art.
  • Sensory Stimulation: Beyond its visual appeal, these blocks offer varied optical, tactile, and acoustic effects, ensuring a multisensory experience that delights and engages curious young minds.
  • Durable Craftsmanship: Crafted with care, these easy-to-grip building blocks are made of robust beech wood, promising longevity and enduring charm.
  • Skills & Development: As children embark on their building adventures, they inherently sharpen fine motor skills, enhance hand-eye coordination, and develop spatial reasoning—ensuring play is both fun and enriching.

Celebrate the spirit of Coburg and harness the boundless imagination of young minds. With the Building Blocks Coburg set, every play session becomes a lesson in creativity, history, and architectural splendor.

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