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Haba Clever Bear Learns to Count

Haba Clever Bear Learns to Count SKU 3151

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Haba Clever Bear Learns to Count: A Fun Journey into the World of Numbers

Dive into the exciting realm of numbers with “Haba Clever Bear Learns to Count,” an educational and engaging game designed to introduce children to the basics of counting and arithmetic. Perfect for young learners aged 4 and above, this game makes learning about numbers an enjoyable and interactive experience.

Game Highlights:

Target Age Group: Ideal for children aged 4 years and older, with an adaptable variation for younger players.
Number of Players: Suitable for 2 to 5 players, making it perfect for small group play.
Educational Focus: Introduces counting from 1 to 10 and basic arithmetic in a playful and accessible manner.
Interactive Tools: Features a counting threader and a dice with symbols or numbers to aid in learning.
Gameplay and Learning:

Four Engaging Games: Clever Bear offers four different games, each designed to build numerical skills and understanding in a fun and hands-on way.
Counting and Arithmetic Skills: Through the use of engaging tools, children will learn to count confidently and start grasping the basics of arithmetic.
Variation for Younger Players: The game includes a simpler variation to cater to the abilities of younger children, ensuring that they too can join in the fun and learning.
Why Choose Haba Clever Bear Learns to Count?

This game is an excellent way to foster a love for numbers and mathematics in young minds. “Haba Clever Bear Learns to Count” not only provides entertainment but also serves as a valuable educational tool, encouraging children to develop their counting skills, enhance their problem-solving abilities, and improve their understanding of basic maths concepts.

Join the Clever Bear in a delightful adventure of numbers and counting, and watch your child’s mathematical skills grow!

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