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SKU: 305873

Haba Clever Keys

Haba Clever Keys SKU 305873

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Clever Keys: Unlock the Secrets to a Treasure Trove of Fun
Dive into the mystery and excitement of Clever Keys, a thrilling game that combines strategy, luck, and a quest for hidden treasures within an ancient castle.

Gameplay Highlights:
The Quest for Treasure: Players embark on a journey to unlock the secrets of a grand old castle, filled with hidden treasures.
Strategic Key Insertions: Take turns to insert keys into the game board. Choosing the right slot can unlock the secret chamber, revealing sparkling gemstones.
Risks and Rewards: Each move is a balance between getting richer and risking it all. It’s a thrilling challenge that requires careful thought and a bit of luck.
Winning the Game: The ultimate goal is to collect the most gemstones. Strategy and foresight will lead players to victory.

Game Contents:
1 Box Bottom: The base of your adventurous journey.
1 Game Board: The heart of the game where all the action unfolds.
2 Key-Slot Boards: Insert the keys here to discover hidden treasures.
1 Chamber Cover: Guards the secret chamber holding the gemstones.
3 Keys: These are your tools to unlock the mysteries of the castle.
52 Coloured Gemstones: The treasures that everyone seeks.
18 Game Base Pieces: These form the foundation of your adventurous gameplay.

Ideal for: Family game nights, gatherings with friends, or as a captivating pastime for children and adults alike.

With Clever Keys, embark on a magical journey filled with intrigue and excitement. It’s not just a game; it’s an adventure waiting to be unlocked!

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