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Haba Clutching Puzzle Pony Family

Haba Clutching Puzzle Pony Family SKU: 303771


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Introducing the Haba Clutching Puzzle Pony Family – a charming and engaging wooden puzzle designed to captivate young children and provide them with a delightful learning experience. This puzzle introduces kids to the enchanting world of pony families while enhancing their fine motor skills and cognitive development.

Product Features –

Captivating Pony Family:

The Clutching Puzzle Pony Family brings the world of ponies to life with beautifully illustrated and colourful wooden pieces. Children will be enchanted as they explore the puzzle’s delightful pony family.
Fine Motor Skill Development:

This wooden puzzle is designed to be easy to grasp, making it perfect for young children. As little hands manipulate and fit the pieces into place, they enhance their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Educational Play:

The puzzle combines entertainment and education seamlessly. It provides a wonderful opportunity for children to develop their cognitive skills, including pattern recognition and spatial awareness, as they piece together the adorable pony family.
High-Quality Materials:

Crafted from high-quality materials, Haba puzzles are known for their durability and safety. The Clutching Puzzle Pony Family is no exception, ensuring a lasting and safe play experience.

This puzzle is designed with young children in mind and is suitable for kids aged 2 years and up. It offers age-appropriate challenges and learning opportunities for early development.


With dimensions designed for young hands to explore, this puzzle provides a visually engaging and tactile experience for children.

The Clutching Puzzle Pony Family is not only a fun toy but also an excellent gift choice for young learners. It encourages parents and caregivers to engage children in meaningful play and learning.

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