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SKU: 305828

Haba Cuddly Donkey Lu

Cuddly Donkey Lu SKU: 305828

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The Haba Cuddly Donkey Lu is a delightful and huggable plush toy designed to bring joy and comfort to children of all ages. This cuddly donkey is crafted from soft, premium materials, ensuring a gentle touch that provides soothing comfort to your child.

With its endearing appearance, including long floppy ears and a friendly embroidered face, Donkey Lu becomes an instant playmate and snuggle buddy. The plush toy’s soft, cuddly body makes it an ideal companion for bedtime, offering a sense of security and warmth.

Measuring approximately 12 inches in height, this plush donkey is the perfect size for young children to hold, hug, and carry around. It’s also machine washable, making it easy to keep clean after many adventures and snuggles.

Haba’s Cuddly Donkey Lu is more than just a toy; it becomes a cherished friend that accompanies your child on daily escapades and provides comfort during quiet moments. Its timeless design and top-notch craftsmanship make it a wonderful gift for birthdays, holidays, or to simply bring a smile to a child’s face. With Donkey Lu, cuddles and happiness are guaranteed. Suitable for children of all ages.

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