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Haba Cutlery Rainbow Spectrum

Haba Cutlery Rainbow Spectrum SKU 304465


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Haba Cutlery Rainbow Spectrum: Elevate every mealtime to a vibrant celebration with the Haba Cutlery Rainbow Spectrum. Skillfully crafted to merge unrivaled durability with the radiant allure of rainbows, this cutlery set promises a dining experience that’s as delightful in form as it is in function.

Constructed with premium quality stainless steel, the Haba Cutlery Rainbow Spectrum offers steadfast resilience. Its unbreakable nature is prepared to stand up to countless lively meals and playful dining adventures. And, with the added benefit of being dishwasher-safe, maintaining its brilliant sheen and vibrant colours is a breeze, meal after meal.

A cornerstone of its design is the ergonomics tailored for the young diners. The robust melamine handles, imbued with the enchanting hues of the rainbow, are meticulously shaped to nestle comfortably in the soft grip of toddlers. Each hold promises an embrace of comfort and assurance, propelling children into their independent eating journey with joy and confidence.

Safety remains uncompromised. The cutlery set, with its apt 13 cm length, ensures it’s perfectly sized for little hands. Rounded edges offer an added layer of safety, making sure that each bite is a delightful and secure experience, letting kids savor their meals with sheer enthusiasm.

The true magic, however, lies in its mesmerizing design. Each piece is adorned with a cascade of rainbow colours, inviting young diners into a world of vibrant hues and cheerful vibes. This vivid spectacle not only excites the visual senses but also kindles imagination and positivity, appealing to both boys and girls. The Haba Cutlery Rainbow Spectrum is the perfect accompaniment to the HABA Rainbow tableware series, forming a harmonious and brightly coloured dining ensemble.

Beyond its exquisite design and utility, the Haba Cutlery Rainbow Spectrum shines as an ideal gift. Whether for birthdays, christenings, or special occasions, this set is bound to sprinkle joy and colour onto any mealtime.


  • Unyielding Durability: Fashioned with high-grade stainless steel, ensuring lasting brilliance.
  • Kid-Friendly Ergonomics: Vibrantly coloured melamine handles designed for young, eager hands.
  • Safety Prioritized: Perfect 13 cm length paired with gentle rounded edges for worry-free mealtimes.
  • Colorful Aesthetics: A spectrum of rainbow colours to engage, excite, and elevate every meal.
  • Gift of Choice: Perfect for various celebratory occasions, guaranteeing joyous and colourful meal times.

With the Haba Cutlery Rainbow Spectrum, every meal is transformed into a vibrant festivity, replete with colours, joy, and delightful flavors. Embark on a culinary journey that’s as radiant as a rainbow!

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