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SKU: 305791

Haba Dangling Figure Bunny

Dangling Figure Bunny SKU: 305791

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Dangling Figure Bunny

The Dangling Figure Bunny is an adorable and engaging toy designed to bring joy and entertainment to babies and young children.

Key Features:

Soft and Cuddly: This soft bunny rabbit toy is designed to be huggable and comforting, making it an ideal companion for babies and toddlers.

Bell Jingle: The bunny features a bell around its neck that jingles as it sways, creating a delightful sound that captures a baby’s attention and adds an element of auditory stimulation to playtime.

Easy Attachment: With a convenient loop, this dangling figure can be easily attached to a variety of places, such as strollers, car seats, play gyms, or cribs, providing on-the-go entertainment for your little one.

Age-Appropriate: Suitable for babies aged 6 months and up, the Dangling Figure Bunny is designed to cater to the sensory and developmental needs of infants.

Mood Enhancement: The playful hopping motion of the bunny can bring a smile to your child’s face and help put them in a good mood, making playtime enjoyable.

This bunny rabbit toy not only provides tactile and auditory stimulation but also offers a cuddly and friendly companion for your baby’s playtime and exploration. With its easy attachment feature, it’s a versatile accessory that can entertain your child in various settings.

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