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SKU: 304286

Dangling Figure Car

Dangling Figure Car SKU: 304286

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Dangling Figure Car

Introduce your little one to the world of vehicles with the Dangling Figure Car – a playful and engaging accessory for babies and young children.

Key Features:

Intriguing Design: Shaped like a tiny car, this dangling figure features a realistic design with intricate details that captivate a baby’s curiosity, including a tiny mirror.

Clutching Instinct: The jolly car is designed to arouse a baby’s natural instinct to grasp and explore objects, helping to develop their fine motor skills.

Versatile Attachment: This delightful car figure comes with an attachment that makes it ideal for attaching to various baby essentials such as car seats, strollers, buggies, or play gyms, providing entertainment on the go.

Sensory Exploration: The dangling figure offers different features for babies to explore, encouraging sensory exploration and tactile stimulation.

Age-Appropriate: Suitable for infants and young children who are discovering the world around them.

The Dangling Figure Car is a charming addition to your baby’s playtime, offering sensory stimulation, fine motor skill development, and an opportunity to explore the world of cars in a playful and safe manner. Watch as your little one becomes fascinated by the tiny details and enjoys clutching and exploring this adorable car figure.

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