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SKU: 305919

Haba Dangling Figure Fox

Haba Dangling Figure Fox SKU: 305919

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Dangling Figure Fox

The Dangling Figure Fox is a delightful and engaging toy designed to captivate your baby’s senses and encourage sensory exploration.

Key Features:

Friendly Fox Design: This charming dangling figure takes the form of an adorable fox, featuring soft and plush textures that are gentle on your baby’s delicate hands.

Mirrored Discovery: The Dangling Figure Fox includes a small mirror, allowing your baby to discover their own reflection and fostering self-awareness and curiosity.

Tactile Stimulation: The fox’s body incorporates a variety of textures and fabrics, providing tactile stimulation that encourages your baby to explore and touch.

Easy Attachment: Equipped with a Velcro loop, this toy can be easily attached to your baby’s crib, playpen, stroller, or car seat, ensuring entertainment and engagement wherever you go.

Sensory Engagement: With its mirror, rustling sounds, and different textures, this toy engages your baby’s senses, promoting sensory development and early motor skills.

Age-Appropriate: Suitable for infants and young children who are in the early stages of sensory exploration and play.

The Dangling Figure Fox is more than just a toy; it’s a charming companion that encourages sensory exploration, self-discovery, and tactile stimulation for your baby. Its lovable fox design and versatile attachment options make it an ideal addition to your baby’s environment, fostering engagement and learning through play. Watch as your little one interacts with their own reflection and embarks on a sensory journey with this delightful dangling figure.

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