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Haba Dangling Figure Frog

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Dangling Figure Frog

Introduce your baby to the world of frogs with the Dangling Figure Frog – a delightful companion that offers sensory exploration and entertainment.

Key Features:

Versatile Attachment: This adorable green frog comes equipped with a large Velcro loop, making it easy to hang on your baby gym, playpen, buggy, car seat, or any suitable surface.

Mirror Play: The frog features a mirror that allows babies to discover and interact with their own reflection, promoting self-awareness and visual stimulation.

Rustling Fun: When babies push on the frog’s body, it produces a gentle rustling sound, capturing their attention and engaging their senses.

Playful and Portable: Whether at home or on the go, this dangling frog is a versatile and engaging toy that keeps your baby entertained wherever they are.

Age-Appropriate: Suitable for infants and young children who are developing their sensory and motor skills.

The Dangling Figure Frog is designed to provide entertainment and sensory stimulation for your little one. With its mirror play, rustling feature, and easy attachment options, this charming frog is sure to become a favorite companion during playtime and outings. Croak, croak – let the fun and exploration begin!

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