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SKU: 304839

Haba Find the code! Pirate Island

Haba Find the code! Pirate Island SKU 304839

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HABA Treasure Chest: A Puzzle Adventure for Young Minds

Unlock a world of imagination and mystery with the HABA Treasure Chest, perfect for curious adventurers aged 5 to 10 years. This engaging game offers a unique blend of mental challenge and fun, wrapped in a colourful package.

Product Details:
Age Range: Ideal for children aged 5 to 10 years.
Number of Players: Designed for individual play, nurturing independent problem-solving skills.
Brand: HABA – renowned for quality and engaging children’s games.
Materials: Crafted from durable cardboard and beech, with a tinplate lock mechanism.
Colour: A vibrant multicolour design to capture and hold your child’s attention.

About This Item:
Customisable Contents: Fill the chest with your choice of treasures, making each play session unique and personalised.
Resettable Combination Lock: The treasure chest features a combination lock that can be reset, offering a new puzzle-solving adventure every time.
Wordless Riddles at Three Levels: Catering to varying skill levels, the game includes wordless riddles in three difficulty settings, ensuring a stimulating challenge for a range of ages and abilities.
Colourful and Engaging: The bright, multicoloured design of the chest makes it an attractive addition to any child’s game collection.

Why Choose the HABA Treasure Chest?
The HABA Treasure Chest isn’t just a game; it’s a tool for cognitive development, encouraging critical thinking, problem-solving, and fine motor skills. It’s perfect for quiet afternoons, rainy days, or any time your child seeks a rewarding challenge.

Dive into the world of riddles and unlock the joy of discovery with the HABA Treasure Chest!

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