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Haba Fire! Fire! Fire fighters!

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Fire! Fire! Firefighters! – A Fast-Paced Firefighting Adventure

Dive into the thrilling world of firefighting with “Fire! Fire! Firefighters!”, a dynamic and engaging board game for players who love action and strategy. As fires blaze in Firecreek, it’s up to you and your firefighting team to save the day!

Game Highlights:

Theme: A high-energy firefighting adventure in the bustling city of Firecreek.
Objective: Compete to put out the most fires and build the longest street of saved buildings to become the city’s top firefighter.
Components: Includes 4 fire trucks, 4 beacons, 4 firefighting crews, and a variety of cards (10 slow burner cards, 16 site cards, 10 operation cards with beginner and advanced options).

Race Against Time: With Bill Butcher’s favorite sausage on fire, players lead Fred Fire Chief and his team in a frantic effort to douse the flames.
Strategy and Luck: Utilize your firefighting crew and equipment effectively to extinguish fires and collect cards.
Building the Longest Street: The firefighter who manages to save the most buildings and construct the longest street wins the game.
Two Levels of Play: With operation cards designed for both beginners and advanced players, the game offers a suitable challenge for all skill levels.

4 Fire Trucks: Your main vehicles to race to the rescue.
4 Beacons and 4 Fire Fighting Crews: Essential tools and teams to tackle the blazes.
A Mix of Cards: Including slow burner cards, site cards, and operation cards.
1 Set of Game Instructions: Clear and concise for an easy start.
Why Choose Fire! Fire! Firefighters!?

This game isn’t just about fun and excitement; it’s a journey into the heroic world of firefighting. “Fire! Fire! Firefighters!” offers a perfect blend of fast-paced action, strategic planning, and cooperative gameplay. It’s an ideal choice for family game nights, parties, or anytime you’re in the mood for some adrenaline-pumping fun.

Gear up, race to the fire scenes, and save Firecreek from the raging flames in “Fire! Fire! Firefighters!”

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