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Haba Ghost Blaster

Ghost Blaster SKU 301600

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Ghost Blaster: A Spooky and Exciting Cooperative Game

Enter the thrilling world of ghost hunting with “Ghost Blaster,” a game that combines strategy, teamwork, and a touch of the supernatural. Perfect for players who enjoy a good ghostly adventure, this game is set in a mysterious castle at the stroke of midnight.

Game Highlights:

Theme: A ghost hunting adventure in an eerie castle setting.
Objective: Work together to trap ghosts using powerful goo ammunition before the ghost hour ends.
Game Mechanics: Players roll dice in sequence and use ghost hunter cards to reveal and trap ghosts. Three matching ghost cards mean a successful capture, but beware of getting trapped in the dungeon!
Gameplay Experience:

Cooperative Strategy: Players must collaborate, plan their moves, and time their actions to capture all the ghosts.
Exciting Challenges: Freeing trapped ghost hunters adds a layer of strategy and urgency to the game.
Ghostly Adventure: The game creates an immersive and spooky atmosphere, perfect for players who love a good thrill.

Capture All Ghosts: Your mission is to trap all the ghosts in the castle before the ghost hour concludes.
Avoid the Dungeon: Getting trapped slows down your team, so strategize wisely!
Why Choose Ghost Blaster?

“Ghost Blaster” is more than just a board game; it’s an immersive experience into a world of haunts and heroics. It’s an ideal choice for a fun family game night or for friends who enjoy a bit of spooky fun. The game encourages cooperation, quick thinking, and problem-solving, making it not only entertaining but also a great way to develop critical thinking skills.

Prepare for a ghostly good time with “Ghost Blaster” – where teamwork and courage lead to a successful ghost hunt!

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