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Haba Glittery Tumbler Delight

Haba Glittery Tumbler Delight SKU 305139


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Haba Glittery Tumbler: Delight Edition 

Experience the magic of hydration with a dash of woodland wonder using the Haba Glittery Tumbler in the Delight Edition, featuring an enchanting hedgehog motif! A harmonious blend of whimsy, function, and elegance, this tumbler is crafted to enthrall young ones, turning every sip into a delightful adventure.

Hedgehog Happiness: At the heart of the Delight Edition is a captivating hedgehog illustration, peeking through the shimmering glitters. This endearing creature, set against a backdrop of sparkles, promises to be your child’s steadfast companion during meal times and playful adventures.

A Symphony of Sparkles: The tumbler shimmers with a dazzling display of glitters, each dancing and swirling with every move, creating a mesmerizing spectacle of light and color, making every drink a delightful experience.

Quench with Quality: With a generous capacity of approximately 200ml, this tumbler ensures that every thirst is quenched, all while enjoying the company of the friendly hedgehog.

Robust and Radiant: Made from premium-grade plastic, the Haba Glittery Tumbler is both durable and dazzling, maintaining its charm through countless uses.

Effortless Cleanup: Life can sometimes be a bit messy, especially with kids around. But fear not! This tumbler is dishwasher-safe, ensuring that it sparkles as brilliantly after every wash.

Perfectly Sized: Weighing just 120 grams and designed at 7.5 x 7.5 x 10.8 cm, it’s the ideal fit for tiny hands, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip.

Age of Enchantment: Created especially for youngsters aged 2 years and above, the Delight Edition is not just a drinking vessel—it’s an invitation to a world filled with woodland wonders.

Gift your child the Haba Glittery Tumbler: Delight Edition with Hedgehog Design, and watch as their eyes light up with joy. Whether it’s a sunlit breakfast or a moonlit dinner, this tumbler promises to infuse every moment with wonder, sparkle, and the warm company of a friendly hedgehog. Cheers to delightful drinks and dazzling days!

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