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Haba Glittery Tumbler Flowers

Haba Glittery Tumbler Flowers SKU 305706


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Haba Glittery Tumbler: Flowers Edition

Bask in the timeless charm of nature with the Haba Glittery Tumbler in the enchanting Flowers Edition. A celebration of bloom, beauty, and brilliant design, this tumbler captures the essence of a sunlit meadow, offering a delightful drinking experience reminiscent of the gentle embrace of spring.

Blossoming Beauty: Adorned with a vibrant bouquet of meticulously illustrated flowers, this tumbler is a canvas of nature’s splendor. As the glitter gracefully flutters within, it mirrors the dance of petals in the breeze, immersing the user in a serene garden of delights.

Petal-Packed Pleasure: Every sip from this botanical beauty feels like a morning dew-kiss on a fresh blossom. Whether it’s a nourishing juice, refreshing water, or a beloved beverage, it’s a taste of nature’s nectar in every gulp.

Generous Growth: Designed to accommodate approximately 200ml, this tumbler ensures that little nature lovers are amply hydrated, inspiring them to bloom and grow just like the flowers they adore.

Flawless Floral Form: Crafted with precision from high-quality plastic, the Flowers Edition combines durability with delicate artistry, promising to stand tall and pretty through seasons of use.

Effortless Elegance: No need to tiptoe around tulips here! This flowery tumbler is dishwasher safe, making the maintenance of its vivid floral hues and shimmering grace simple and straightforward.

Perfectly Petaled Proportions: Weighing just 120 grams and sculpted to dimensions of 7.5 x 7.5 x 10.8 cm, it’s tailored for tender hands, offering a comfortable grip as cozy as nestling in a bouquet.

Nature’s Nurturing: Ideal for toddlers and children aged 2 years and above, the Flowers Edition is not just a drinking vessel but a love letter to the timeless allure of nature and its blossoming wonders.

Gift the Haba Glittery Tumbler: Flowers Edition to a blossoming bud in your life, and let them drink in the splendor of nature. Perfect for birthdays, celebrations, or just because, this tumbler turns every sip into a petal-packed pleasure. Cheers to vibrant vibes, floral fantasies, and nature-inspired nourishment!

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