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Haba Glittery Tumbler Horses

Haba Glittery Tumbler Horses SKU 305698


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Haba Glittery Tumbler: Majestic Horses Edition

Step into the mesmerizing world of the Haba Glittery Tumbler, where the grace of horses gallops hand in hand with everyday practicality. Meticulously crafted to intrigue and delight, this tumbler embodies the majestic allure of horses, complemented by a sprinkle of glittery magic.

Equestrian Elegance: Each time your child sips from this tumbler, they’re transported to open meadows where horses run free, their manes catching the sunlight. The captivating design, enriched with glittery accents, transforms every drink into a spirited adventure.

Perfectly Portioned: With a generous capacity of approximately 200ml, the tumbler is tailored for young hands, ensuring that your child can comfortably enjoy their favorite drinks without any fuss.

Safety at Its Core: Constructed from high-grade, robust plastic, this tumbler stands up to the energetic zest of children. Parents can be confident in its quality, knowing it’s free from harmful agents and perfect for regular use.

Hassle-Free Upkeep: Childhood is all about fun and occasional spills! The Haba Glittery Tumbler is designed with parents in mind – being dishwasher safe, it ensures a swift and efficient cleaning process after every delightful use.

Optimal Dimensions for Tiny Hands: With dimensions of 7.5 x 7.5 x 10.8 cm and a weight of just 120 grams, it’s designed for ease and convenience. Be it a day at the playground, a school snack time, or a quiet moment at home, this tumbler is the ideal beverage companion.

Suitable for Young Explorers: Tailored for children aged 2 years and onwards, the Haba Glittery Tumbler is more than a mere drinking vessel; it’s a spark for imaginative tales, urging them to dream of horseback adventures and open fields.

Gift the Haba Glittery Tumbler: Majestic Horses Edition to your young one and witness their exhilaration. It’s not merely a tumbler; it’s an invitation to a world of equine wonder, crafted to quench, fascinate, and inspire. An ideal present for birthdays, celebrations, or to make an ordinary day feel extraordinarily special!

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