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Haba Glittery Tumbler Zippy Cars

Haba Glittery Tumbler Zippy Cars SKU 300408


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Haba Glittery Tumbler: Zippy Cars Edition

Vroom into a world of shimmering excitement with the Haba Glittery Tumbler featuring Zippy Cars! Expertly designed to inspire and amuse, this tumbler integrates the thrilling universe of speedy cars with everyday functionality, making each sip a fun-filled pit stop on the racetrack of childhood.

Race Day Ready: Every glance at this tumbler is like a peek into a bustling racetrack. Vibrant cars, embellished with sparkly accents, speed around, igniting the thrill of the chase and the joy of the journey in every young car enthusiast.

Just the Right Size: Boasting a capacity of approximately 200ml, it’s the perfect size for thirsty young racers, ensuring they stay hydrated as they zoom through their adventures.

Built for the Long Haul: Crafted from premium, sturdy plastic, this tumbler is ready to endure the hustle and bustle of active kids. Parents can rest assured, knowing it’s safe, durable, and suitable for frequent use.

Effortless Maintenance: Life in the fast lane can get messy! That’s why the Haba Glittery Tumbler is dishwasher-safe, guaranteeing easy clean-up after every thrilling race and playful pit stop.

Tailored for Tiny Champions: Measuring 7.5 x 7.5 x 10.8 cm and weighing a mere 120 grams, its design is optimized for small hands. Whether it’s race day at the playground, a quiet evening in the garage, or snack time at daycare, this tumbler is the go-to hydration sidekick.

Start Your Engines, Young Racers: Perfectly suited for children aged 2 years and up, the Haba Glittery Tumbler is more than a beverage container; it’s a spark for storytelling, prompting tales of speedy cars, winding roads, and checkered flags.

Hand your child the Haba Glittery Tumbler: Zippy Cars Edition and watch their eyes light up with joy. This isn’t just any tumbler – it’s a passport to the racetrack of imagination, designed to refresh, dazzle, and exhilarate. A fantastic gift choice for birthdays, celebrations, or to rev up any ordinary day into a memorable racing event!

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