SKU: G10209

Grimm’s Building Set Four Temperaments

Grimm’s Building Set Four Temperaments SKU G10209


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The Grimm’s Four Temperaments Building Set is a captivating 61-piece wooden puzzle that beautifully combines play with the exploration of human temperament, inspired by Waldorf education. It consists of colourful, free-form pieces representing the four temperaments: Sanguine (yellow), Choleric (red), Phlegmatic (green), and Melancholic (blue), each associated with unique elements and characteristics.

Crafted from sustainable lime wood with a non-toxic, water-based color stain, this set is eco-friendly and safe for kids, fostering creativity, motor skills, spatial thinking, and problem-solving abilities. It’s designed for both individual and collaborative play, encouraging children to create landscapes, patterns, and structures, while also delving into self-exploration and understanding personality traits. Compatible with other Grimm’s sets, it’s a versatile tool for imaginative storytelling and learning, making it a standout addition to any playroom.

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