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SKU: 301833

Haba Activity Spiral Spring Worm

Activity Spiral Spring Worm SKU: 301833

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The Activity Spiral Spring Worm is a delightful and engaging toy designed to captivate and stimulate your baby’s senses and curiosity. This spiral-shaped toy features a friendly worm character with a springy, coiled body that can be easily attached to strollers, cribs, car seats, or play gyms.

With its vibrant colours, various textures, and fun elements, the Spring Worm provides a multi-sensory experience for your baby. It includes crinkly fabric, soft plush, a rattling sound, and a teething ring, offering a variety of tactile and auditory sensations for your little one to explore.

The flexible spiral design allows for easy stretching and bending, making it adaptable to different attachment points and providing endless entertainment on the go. Whether your baby is reaching out to touch the textures, listening to the soothing rattle, or relieving teething discomfort with the teether, the Activity Spiral Spring Worm is designed to engage and entertain.

This activity spiral encourages fine motor skills, sensory development, and exploration in infants. It’s a versatile and portable toy that can accompany your baby during travel or playtime, ensuring hours of entertainment and discovery. Suitable for babies from birth and up, the Spring Worm is a fantastic addition to your baby’s early development toys.

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