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SKU: 304768

Haba Clutching Toy Caterpillar Mina

Haba Clutching toy Caterpillar Mina SKU: 304768

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Haba Clutching Toy Caterpillar Mina

Introducing Caterpillar Mina, the delightful clutching toy that engages your baby’s senses.

Shake and cuddle Caterpillar Mina to delight your baby’s ears with the sound of a gentle bell and crackling foil hidden inside.

With two adorable antennae and a detachable ring that transforms Caterpillar Mina into a butterfly, your baby will love exploring this charming toy.

Made of soft and safe polyester, Caterpillar Mina measures 6″ high, with a head diameter of 2.75″.

Easy to clean, machine wash cold on a delicate cycle, and avoid tumble drying.

Designed for babies aged 6 months and up, Caterpillar Mina is the perfect addition to your baby’s playtime collection.

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