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Haba Clutching toy Felicia

Haba Clutching toy Felicia SKU: 2161


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Haba Clutching Toy Felicia

The Haba Clutching Toy Felicia is designed to engage and stimulate your child’s senses, playing a crucial role in their overall development. This colourful and soft grasping toy offers a delightful sensory experience, encouraging exploration through taste, touch, hearing, and sight.

Key Features:

Multi-sensory Stimulation: The Haba Clutching Toy Felicia is thoughtfully designed to activate all of your child’s senses, fostering sensory development, curiosity, and exploration.

Tinkling Bell: Inside the toy, there’s a tinkling bell that produces a delightful sound when moved, providing auditory stimulation and capturing your child’s attention.

Soft and Cuddly: The toy’s soft and plush design invites play and cuddling, ensuring that it becomes a beloved companion for your little one.

Detachable Rustling Petals: Felicia offers an extra layer of entertainment with detachable rustling petals. These petals can be removed, creating two separate toys of varying sizes and shapes, adding versatility to playtime.

Travel-Friendly: Whether at home or on the go, this toy is suitable for various play environments and encourages exploration wherever your child is.

The Haba Clutching Toy Felicia not only provides a source of entertainment but also contributes to your child’s sensory development and tactile exploration. With its engaging features and versatile design, it’s an excellent addition to your child’s toy collection, fostering early learning and sensory play.

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