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Haba Dangling Figure Dangling Duo

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Introduce a lively playtime atmosphere to your baby’s strolls with our Haba Dangling Figure Duo. Featuring a joyful frog and a cute mouse, this dual-figure decoration promises twice the entertainment, complete with a charming little bell.

Why settle for one figure when you can have two? Our frog and mouse figures bring diverse visual and tactile experiences, ensuring your little one never tires of looking.

As you stroll, the attached tiny bell adds a musical dimension with its soft tinkling, making your baby’s outing melodically enchanting.

Designed to easily attach to prams, strollers, and cribs, this accessory is a versatile addition, suitable for various stages of your child’s development.

Elevate your child’s pram rides with the Haba Dangling Figure Duo for double the joy of every outing!

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