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SKU: 302215

Haba Dragon Rapid Fire – The Fire Crystals

Haba Dragon Rapid Fire – The Fire Crystals SKU 302215

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Haba Dragon Rapid Fire – The Fire Crystals: An Exhilarating Dice Adventure

Prepare for an electrifying race through the mystical Dragon Valley with Haba Dragon Rapid Fire – The Fire Crystals, a game that combines quick-paced excitement with strategic collection for dragon enthusiasts aged 3 and up. Made with the renowned quality of German craftsmanship, this game promises not only a test of speed and agility but also an exploration of tactical prowess.

Soar Through Dragon Valley:

  • Daring Competition: Join Thunder Tooth and his daring dragon compatriots in a thrilling competition for agility and quickness as they navigate the twisting currents of Dragon Valley.
  • Dynamic Challenges: As your dragon wings its way through the valley, stay vigilant! Whirlwinds may suddenly arise, altering your course and offering both challenges and opportunities.

Strategic Collection:

  • Crystal Quest: It’s a treasure hunt in the skies as dragons seek out the shimmering fire crystals that lie off the beaten path. The victory does not always belong to the swiftest, but to the dragon with the greatest hoard of these luminous treasures.
  • Counting Made Fun: For younger dragons still mastering the art of counting, the game simplifies scoring. Just flip the board and match your collected crystals to the footprints of your dragon’s colour to see who has gathered the longest sparkling trail.

Engaging Contents for Endless Fun:

  • Fully Equipped: This game is ready for action with 1 beautifully illustrated game board, a quartet of dragon pieces including the valiant Thunder Tooth, the swift Flying Spark, the fiery Fire Trail, and the dazzling Silver Flash, each crafted for durability and delightful play.
  • Whirlwind Tactics: With 4 whirlwind tiles, the unpredictable element of the game comes to life, ensuring that no two races through Dragon Valley are ever the same.
  • Dice and Crystals: The fate of your dragon hangs on the roll of the dice, while 60 brilliantly colored fire crystals await collection along your journey.

Fast-Paced and Family-Friendly:

  • Quick to Play: With an average playing time of 10-15 minutes, Dragon Rapid Fire is perfect for keeping the attention of young dragons while providing enough strategic depth to entertain the older ones.
  • Accessible Gaming: The straightforward rules and quick gameplay make it a breeze for players of all ages to jump into the fun, making it a perfect addition to any family game night.

Why Haba Dragon Rapid Fire – The Fire Crystals is Essential:

Haba Dragon Rapid Fire – The Fire Crystals stands out as a game that is easy to learn yet captivating to play. Whether you’re a little dragon just beginning to spread your wings or a seasoned flyer in the game world, this game offers an engaging blend of luck, strategy, and excitement.

Dive into a world where dragons soar and crystals gleam, where every roll of the dice propels you through an adventure filled with twists and turns. Collect the crystals, outmaneuver the whirlwinds, and blaze a trail to victory in the enchanting Dragon Valley!

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