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SKU: 305300

Haba Dragon’s Breath – The Hatching

Haba Dragon’s Breath – The Hatching SKU 305300

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Haba Dragon’s Breath – The Hatching: An Enchanting Family Game

Embark on a fantastical adventure with Haba’s Dragon’s Breath – The Hatching, a game that combines the thrill of a treasure hunt with the careful strategy of a classic board game, all set within a magical dragon’s nest. Young gamers and families are invited to assist the Dragon Mom in a delicate mission — to rescue her precious egg and the valuable sparkling stones from the grip of a frozen ice column.

An Icy Challenge:

  • Frozen Wonders: A thick ice column has trapped the dragon’s nest, locking inside it a dragon egg and an assortment of sparkling stones. It’s up to you to carefully melt away the ice and secure the treasures within.
  • Delicate Rescue: As the ice melts, players must be vigilant to collect the sparkling stones while ensuring the precious dragon egg remains safe in the nest.

Gather the Gems:

  • Collect to Win: Points are the name of the game, and you earn them by gathering the sparkling stones that tumble from the melting ice. Add them to your amulets, and watch your treasure grow.
  • Colorful Strategy: With 35 sparkling stones in 5 vibrant colours, players must be tactical about which gems they go after, as each colour will have different point values.

Rich Contents for an Immersive Experience:

  • Complete Set: The game comes with 3 detailed ice rings, 35 beautifully crafted sparkling stones, 1 intricately designed dragon egg, and a sturdy nest tile. Dragon Mom stands guard by the treasure chest, which players will aim to fill with their precious stones.
  • Build Your Amulet: 48 amulet cards are included, allowing players to secure their stones and earn their points. Each card is a step closer to victory.
  • Guided Play: With an easy-to-understand rulebook, players of all ages can dive right into the fun without any extensive setup or confusing instructions.

Gameplay Dynamics:

  • Stand Alone Adventure: While Haba Dragon’s Breath – The Hatching is a complete game in itself, it introduces new rules and challenges that differentiate it from its predecessors, offering a unique experience even to those familiar with the Dragon’s Breath series.
  • Perfect for Families: Designed for 2-4 players, the game is ideal for family game nights, encouraging interaction, and strategic thinking for children aged 6 and up.
  • Swift and Engaging: With an average playtime of around 20 minutes, the game is a perfect balance between engaging strategic depth and quick play, keeping players of all ages enthralled.

Why Haba Dragon’s Breath – The Hatching is a Must-Have:

Haba Dragon’s Breath – The Hatching is more than just a game; it’s an entry into a world of dragons, magic, and adventure. It’s a game where skill meets luck and strategy, providing a captivating experience for children and a challenging play for adults. Whether it’s the striking components, the thrill of the treasure hunt, or the satisfaction of a well-played strategy, this game promises enchantment and excitement with every play.

Step into the dragon’s lair, and may the keenest collector of sparkling stones emerge victorious!

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