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SKU: 305414

Kullerbü-Ball Track Skittle Farm

Kullerbü-Ball Track Skittle Farm SKU 305414

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Step into a delightful world of skittling excitement with Botree’s Kullerbü-Ball Track Skittle Farm. Blending the thrill of bowling with the charm of a farm, this set promises hours of entertainment and laughter:

  • Target Practice: Watch as the ball races down the ramp, aiming to strike three adorable targets: Carla the cow, Miri the cat, and Carlo the dog. Will they stand firm or topple over? It all hinges on the roll of the dice!
  • Versatile Play: Engage in structured gameplay with the included instruction booklet or let your imagination run wild in free play. Whichever you choose, fun is guaranteed!
  • Musical Delight: Elevate the experience with the sound ball, introducing a harmonious twist to your Kullerbü adventures, adding a musical layer to every strike.
  • Unique Design: More than just a game, it’s an innovative fusion of bowling and a whimsical farm setting, ensuring that every play session is a fresh story.
  • Sturdy & Sizeable: Carefully crafted, this set measures 38.1 x 28.4 x 12.3 cm and weighs 901 grams, promising durability and stability. Perfectly suited for little bowlers aged 24 months and up.
  • Gift of Joy: Whether it’s a birthday or a special occasion, the Kullerbü-Ball Track Skittle Farm stands as a delightful gift that promises to bowl over every child.

Embark on a journey where farm animals become pins, and every roll is a new adventure. With the Kullerbü-Ball Track Skittle Farm, it’s not just a game; it’s an experience.

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