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SKU: 304820

Kullerbü-Battery Truck with Trailer

Kullerbü-Battery Truck with Trailer SKU 304820

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Journey into an electrifying world of motion with Botree’s Kullerbü-Battery Truck with Trailer. Engineered for maximum fun, this dynamic duo promises to be the star of every play session:

  • Self-Driven Excitement: Immerse in unparalleled fun as the truck, powered by an ingenious battery drive, effortlessly cruises over tracks, captivating young minds with its autonomous motion.
  • Dual Driving Modes: Tailor your play experience! Whether you’re in the mood for high-performance 4-wheel drive or prefer manual adventures, this truck delivers both with unmatched zest.
  • Magnetic Magic: Featuring a flexible magnetic coupling, the truck and trailer connect seamlessly, ensuring smooth rides and easy detachments for varied play.
  • Spinning Ball Delight: Watch in wonder as the ball in the trailer whirls and twirls during the journey, adding an enchanting visual element to the ride.
  • Eco-Conscious Design: Thoughtfully designed to conserve energy, the truck automatically halts after 1 minute, ensuring extended battery life and uninterrupted play over time.

Embark on countless adventures, from winding roads to bustling cityscapes. With the Kullerbü-Battery Truck with Trailer, every journey becomes a tale of excitement and discovery.

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