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SKU: 303800

Kullerbü-Complementary Set Swing-switch Rails

Kullerbü-Complementary Set Swing-switch Rails SKU 303800

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Dive into a realm of exploration and innovation with Botree’s Kullerbü-Complementary Set Swing-switch Rails. Specifically designed to amplify the fun and flexibility of your Kullerbü system, it’s the key to unlocking endless possibilities:

  • Sophisticated Switching: With Kullerbü vehicles always on the hunt for new adventures, these unique swing-switch rails enable them to explore diverse routes, adding layers of fun and complexity to their journeys.
  • Flexibility in Building: Crafting your perfect track layout is a breeze. The set offers enhanced flexibility, ensuring that track-building is both fun and seamless.
  • Complete Compatibility: Expand your Kullerbü universe! This set effortlessly integrates with all Kullerbü sets, accessories, balls, and vehicles. The intuitive “insert and click” system guarantees a stable and sturdy setup, whether on the floor or elevated.
  • Robust and Reliable: Built for resilience, nothing can easily disrupt your Kullerbü tracks. With holes designed to snugly fit the pins of plastic connectors (sold separately), stability is always ensured.
  • Elevate Your Play: While the set is perfectly suited for ground-level setups using the included floor connectors, it can also seamlessly combine with columns, connectors, bases, and other ramps (all sold separately) to craft elevated track layouts.
  • Safe and Suitable: Crafted with care and precision, the set is ideal for little explorers aged 2 and up, ensuring safety while maximizing fun.

Step into a world where every turn is a new story, and every switch leads to a new adventure. The Kullerbü-Complementary Set Swing-switch Rails invites you to expand, explore, and enjoy!

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