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SKU: 303088

Kullerbü-Theme Set Jump into the Car

Kullerbü-Theme Set Jump into the Car SKU 303088

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Introducing a rollercoaster of fun with Botree’s Kullerbü-Theme Set Jump into the Car. An exhilarating fusion of adventure and imagination, it’s the perfect entryway to the enchanting Kullerbü Play World:

  • Daring Descent: Watch ball Bert Boomer rush down thrilling descents, daringly “jump” into his waiting convertible, and blaze through to the grand finale – a cascade of vibrant dominoes. The challenge? Can he topple them all?
  • Simplified Assembly: Constructing your play paradise is a breeze. The tracks, designed to withstand eager play, snap into place effortlessly, ensuring stability even with the occasional bump.
  • Harmony of Materials: Embracing the strengths of wood and plastic, Kullerbü is a testament to lasting quality. Crafted to endure a child’s entire childhood and even beyond, it guarantees safety with its sizeable components (ball Ø: approximately 4.5 cm) suitable for kids aged 2 and up.
  • Versatile Play Effects: This 15-piece set offers multiple ways to play. Watch balls cheekily hop into the convertible or set up an exhilarating ski jump. The set includes a variety of elements, from ramps to domino blocks, and features the fearless ball Bert Boomer.
  • Expand & Experiment: Kullerbü is a realm of endless possibilities, appealing to both young and older children. Its elements, adorned with delightful illustrations, can be combined in numerous ways, igniting creativity and imaginative play. Enhance the fun with additional sets like the Sim-Sala-Kling Set, Windmill Set, and Magic Door Accessory, all available separately.

Dive into a world where every ride is an adventure, every jump a new story. With the Kullerbü-Theme Set Jump into the Car, let the fun begin!

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