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SKU: 305641

Haba Little Friends-Julius and Baby Monkey

Haba Little Friends-Julius and Baby Monkey SKU: 305641

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Julius and Baby Monkey

Meet Julius, the ultimate animal lover of the Little Friends world! Julius’s heart has a special place reserved for his adorable baby monkey companion. Together, they embark on thrilling adventures and form an unbreakable bond of friendship.

This delightful Little Friends set invites children into the imaginative world of safari and zoo-themed role-playing games. With Julius and his baby monkey friend, young adventurers can create endless stories and scenarios, fostering creativity and storytelling skills.

Designed for children aged 3 years and up, this set is perfect for unlocking the imagination and providing hours of engaging playtime. The Little Friends play world offers flexibility and expandability, allowing children to customise and expand their play experiences.

Package Dimensions: 19.50 x 7.50 x 3.80 cm

Let your child’s imagination run wild with Haba Little Friends – Julius and Baby Monkey, and watch as they embark on exciting journeys filled with creativity, companionship, and fun!

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