Haba Mobiles

Haba Mobiles


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Brighten up your nursery with our delightful range of Haba Mobiles, designed to captivate and stimulate your baby’s visual and auditory senses. These mobiles are not just decorative elements; they are interactive experiences that encourage young children to explore and engage with their environment.


Key Features:

Vibrant and Engaging: Each mobile features cheerful characters and elements in bright, eye-catching colours, perfect for stimulating visual awareness and adding a splash of whimsy to any nursery space.

Interactive Sounds: Equipped with soft, playful sounds that vary from chirps to squeaks and rattles, these mobiles are designed to delight and entertain, aiding in auditory development.

Quality Materials: Made from a blend of soft textiles like cotton, polyester, and velour, our mobiles are durable and safe for babies to explore with their hands and eyes.

Developmental Benefits: With features that encourage tactile and visual exploration, these mobiles promote sensory development and motor skills, making them more than just a nursery decoration.

Easy Installation: Designed for simplicity, these mobiles are easy to assemble and can be conveniently hung over cribs, changing tables, or in any nursery space.

Versatile and Playful: The mobiles include detachable elements with Velcro fasteners, allowing for flexibility in use and continuous engagement as your baby grows.


Our Haba Mobiles make an excellent addition to your nursery, offering both aesthetic charm and developmental advantages. They provide a playful and stimulating environment for your baby, making every moment in the nursery a joyful discovery.

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