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SKU: 303821

Haba Motor Skills Game Orchard

Haba Motor Skills Game Orchard SKU: 303821

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Haba Motor Skills Game Orchard

Ages: 18 Months and Up

Introduce your child to the world of fine motor skills with the Haba Motor Skills Game Orchard. This game, suitable for children 18 months and older, is a delightful twist on the classic fruit-picking game.

Just like the popular original, the objective is to harvest the fruit faster than the cheeky raven. Children can choose to play by the rules or explore their creativity by pressing the color rolls or crown according to their mood.

Crafted from sturdy wood, this educational toy maintains its shape and color even after extended play sessions. Whether played alone or with friends, the game promotes the development of fine motor skills, shape recognition, and color differentiation. It’s a perfect addition to your child’s learning and playtime activities.

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