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SKU: 304631

Haba Pacifier Chain Star-Studded Hearts

Haba Pacifier Chain Star-Studded Hearts SKU: 304631

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Introducing the Haba Pacifier Chain Star-studded Hearts – a delightful accessory that keeps your baby’s pacifier close and clean while adding a touch of charm to their daily routine.

Designed with love and care, this pacifier chain features high-quality materials, including beech wood and a safe, non-toxic finish. You can trust that it’s gentle on your baby’s delicate skin while ensuring long-lasting durability.

The star-studded heart design adds a whimsical and heartwarming touch to your baby’s pacifier. It’s not only practical but also visually appealing for both babies and parents.

The convenient clip easily attaches to your baby’s clothing, making sure the pacifier is always within reach and doesn’t end up on the floor or get lost. Whether you’re at home or on the go, this pacifier chain provides peace of mind and convenience for parents and caregivers.

With the Haba Pacifier Chain Star-studded Hearts, you can say goodbye to the hassle of constantly searching for missing pacifiers. Keep your baby happy and content with this charming and functional accessory that combines safety, style, and convenience.

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