Haba Plates

Haba Plates

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Elevate your child’s mealtime with our Haba Plates, designed to infuse joy and a sense of wonder into every dining experience. These plates are crafted with care to bring a touch of enchantment to your table, making each meal memorable.


Key Features:

Engaging and Fun: Each plate is designed to captivate young diners, encouraging them to enjoy their meals as they uncover playful and inspiring themes beneath their food.
Vibrant and Attractive: Featuring a lively border, these plates are visually appealing, adding a burst of colour and excitement to your dining decor.
Durable Material: Made from high-grade melamine plastic, these plates offer sturdiness and durability, able to withstand the rigors of daily use even in the most adventurous of hands.
Easy to Clean: Designed for convenience, these plates are dishwasher safe, ensuring easy cleanup after every use and ready for the next delightful dining experience.
Perfect for Toddlers: With a robust construction and cheerful themes, these plates are ideally suited for toddlers and young children, making mealtime both fun and functional.
Add a Sprinkle of Joy: Encourage your little ones to clear their plates, revealing the charming and joyful themes that await beneath, turning every meal into an adventure.

Our Haba Plates are more than just tableware; they are a gateway to joyful dining experiences. Perfect for everyday meals or special occasions, these plates make it exciting for children to come to the table and enjoy their food, while also making clean-up a breeze for parents.

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