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Haba Race car Habaland

Haba Race car Habaland

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Haba Race Car Habaland

The Haba Race Car Habaland is a sporty wooden toy designed for toddlers aged 12 months and up. This red racing car features a fun toy figure as the driver, complete with a light blue hat and a cheerful smile.

The car measures 11 x 16 cm and has a non-slip design with wide tires, making it easy for little ones to push and roll. The toy figure can be removed for additional play options.

This racing car is perfect for first role-playing games, allowing children to imagine fast-paced car races, adventurous splash tours, and trips to the countryside. It encourages imaginative play and is designed for young children’s hands.

Made in Germany, the Haba Race Car Habaland is crafted from beech wood sourced from sustainable forestry practices, ensuring both quality and environmental responsibility. It’s a great addition to any toddler’s toy collection.

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