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SKU: 304817

Haba Rainmaker Multicoloured

Haba Rainmaker Multicoloured SKU: 304817

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Haba Rainmaker Multicoloured

Introduce your baby to a world of delightful sounds and exploration with the Haba Rainmaker Multicolored. This vibrant rainmaker is designed to captivate even the littlest ones with its special auditory effects.

Crafted from high-quality beech wood, this wooden baby toy is easy for tiny hands to grip, making it an ideal choice for infants from 6 months and up. As your baby tilts and turns the rainmaker, it creates fascinating sound effects that will engage their senses and encourage early interactions.

One of the unique features of this toy is its ability to produce different sounds based on the angle of inclination. This variability provides an exciting element of discovery for your baby as they explore the world of cause and effect.

The Haba Rainmaker Multicoloured not only promotes fine motor skills but also encourages your baby to develop their listening skills and a sense of curiosity. It’s an excellent choice for early sensory play and a valuable addition to your baby’s toy collection. Watch as your little one delights in the magical sounds and experiences offered by this coloruful rainmaker.

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