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SKU: 304815

Haba Rainmaker Rattle Stick

Haba Rainmaker Rattle Stick SKU: 304815

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Haba Rainmaker Rattle Stick

Introduce your little one to the delightful world of sounds and rhythms with the Haba Rainmaker Rattle Stick. Designed for children aged 6 to 18 months, this engaging toy is crafted with high-quality beech wood and plastic materials and proudly made in Germany.

The Rainmaker Rattle Stick offers an interactive experience as it creates a gentle rattling sound reminiscent of raindrops falling when turned over. Its brightly coloured rings capture your child’s attention, and they’ll be fascinated by the soothing and rhythmic sounds it produces.

This toy is thoughtfully designed with small children in mind. Its easy-to-hold shape is perfect for tiny hands, helping little ones improve their grasping skills. Additionally, the Rainmaker Rattle Stick encourages the development of your child’s sense of rhythm, making it both an entertaining and educational toy.

Enhance your child’s sensory exploration and fine motor skills with the Haba Rainmaker Rattle Stick. Let them discover the joy of creating sound and rhythm in a playful and engaging way.

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