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SKU: 302593

Haba Rainmaker Wormy

Haba Rainmaker Wormy SKU: 302593

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Colorful Rainmaker Wormy

Introduce your child to a world of captivating sounds and sensory exploration with the Colorful Rainmaker Wormy, designed for ages 2 to 4 years.

This delightful toy offers an engaging and soothing experience. Children can experiment with the tilting angle of the rainmaker, which in turn influences the speed and volume of the colorful balls inside. It provides endless fascination and hours of fun as your child explores and discovers the magic of sound.

Safety is a top priority with this one-sided, enclosed design, making it suitable even for the littlest ones. Whether your child is creating gentle raindrop-like sounds or experimenting with faster and louder effects, this colorful rainmaker promises both entertainment and sensory development.

Watch as your child’s curiosity and creativity flourish while they enjoy this captivating and educational toy. The Colorful Rainmaker Wormy is a wonderful addition to their playtime and learning journey.

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