Haba Tumblers

Haba Tumblers

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Brighten your child’s mealtime with our Haba Tumblers, a collection designed to add a splash of vibrant hues and playful charm to every sip. More than just vessels for beverages, these tumblers are an invitation to a world where mealtime becomes a delightful adventure.


Key Features:

Vibrant and Cheerful: Each tumbler is infused with a spectrum of colours, designed to capture the imagination and elevate the dining experience with every use.

Resilient Construction: Meticulously crafted from robust materials such as melamine, these tumblers promise durability and are built to withstand the enthusiasm of youthful diners.

Ease of Care: Understanding the need for convenience, our tumblers are dishwasher safe, ensuring that cleanups are as effortless as possible.

Kid-Friendly Design: With a focus on young users, these tumblers are tailored to fit comfortably in small hands, making it easier for children to grip and manage their own drinks.

Enriching Mealtime: Part of a broader range of vibrant tableware, these tumblers are designed to complement and enhance your child’s dining experience, encouraging positive habits and making each meal enjoyable.

Perfect Gift: Ideal for adding a touch of joy to any child’s daily routine, these tumblers make an excellent gift for any occasion, combining functionality with fun.


The Haba Tumblers offer a colourful, engaging way to enjoy drinks, turning every meal into a celebration of colours and joy. Whether used daily or on special occasions, these tumblers bring fun and functionality together, making them a wonderful addition to any child’s mealtime essentials.

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