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SKU: H400390

Hubelino Building Block Set (120-Piece)

Hubelino Building Block Set (120-Piece) SKU H400390

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Discover boundless creativity with Hubelino’s 120-Piece Building Block Set, a versatile collection of blocks in a spectrum of vibrant colors like red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and light green. Designed for children aged 1.5 years and above, this set promises endless construction entertainment, igniting imaginations and turning simple blocks into extraordinary creations.

High-Quality German Manufacturing:

Crafted exclusively in Germany, each block meets the highest quality standards, ensuring durable and safe play. They are 100% compatible with popular building block systems from other leading manufacturers.

Compatibility & Creativity:

Every component in this set is designed to integrate seamlessly with common components from other brands, enabling creative combination with your existing blocks and thematic sets. Transform your play experience by merging worlds and constructing new, imaginative realms.

Set Components:

– 62 2×2 Building Blocks

– 20 2×3 Building Blocks

– 32 2×4 Building Blocks

– 4 2×6 Building Blocks

– 2 2×8 Building Blocks

Unleash Your Imagination:

While they may seem like just building blocks, the possibilities are limitless. Let your imagination run wild and build beyond boundaries with the original Hubelino building blocks, available in diverse sizes and radiant colors.

Recommended Age:

Suitable for children from 1.5 years and up.

Embrace the colorful and expansive world of Hubelino, and elevate your building experiences with this premium, compatible, and versatile building block set!

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