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SKU: H420541

Hubelino KIGA Marble Run Set Building Blocks (352 pcs)

Hubelino KIGA Marble Runn Set Building Blocks (352 pcs) SKU H420541


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Dive into the world of dynamic construction with the Hubelino KIGA Marble Runn Set Building Blocks, specifically designed for kindergartens and educational institutions. This 352-piece set is laden with a multitude of building blocks, making it a splendid resource for crafting spectacular and lively structures. It serves as an intuitive gateway to the versatile world of Hubelino blocks, featuring everything required to kickstart the creative journey, including a large base plate, a variety of building blocks, and innovative left and right blocks…

Educational Impact:

The set is meticulously designed to enhance spatial intelligence and foster an understanding of fundamental physical concepts like acceleration and gravity. It provides an engaging way to develop analytical thinking skills, teaching concepts of gravity, planning, memory, reasoning, and problem solving, whether following instructions or engaging in free play. Witness the marvel of a marble rolling from the start, illustrating the profound impact of learning through play.

Quality and Compatibility:

Each piece in the Hubelino Mixed Box Building Set is crafted in Germany to the highest quality standards and is 100% compatible with popular building blocks from other renowned manufacturers. This ensures that it can be seamlessly integrated with your existing blocks and theme worlds, unlocking countless creative combinations.

Set Components:

– 352 Diverse Building Pieces

Recommended Age:

Optimal for children aged 4 and above.

Discover the enriching experience of blending learning with play with Hubelino. This set not only promotes intellectual development but also fuels the imagination, turning every building session into a spectacular and enlightening adventure! Elevate the learning experience with this high-quality, compatible, and versatile building set, and watch young minds flourish.

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