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SKU: H420565

Hubelino KIGA Marble Runn Set Expansions (16pcs)

Hubelino KIGA Marble Runn Set Expensions (16pcs) SKU H420565

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Explore the limitless possibilities with Hubelino KIGA Marble Run Set Expansions, the ultimate compliment to elevate any block course to spectacular new heights. These extensions are meticulously designed to teach the fundamentals of physics in an engaging manner, making them an invaluable educational asset for young, curious minds.

Innovative Additions:

Curious and innovative builders can elevate their marble parkour creations with five distinct and exciting extension sets. Each one brings a specialized component such as a switch, sled, or catapult to the mix, ideal for enhancing Hubelino block structures and adding a unique twist to every creation.

Educational and Fun:

These expansions promote spatial intelligence and a profound understanding of essential physical concepts like acceleration and gravity. Whether following an instructional game or engaging in free play, these pieces encourage the development of analytical thinking skills, fostering an understanding of gravity, planning, memory, reasoning, and problem-solving, turning every play session into a learning adventure.

Quality and Compatibility:

Like all Hubelino products, these expansions are manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards and are 100% compatible with popular blocks from other renowned manufacturers. This allows seamless and creative integration with your existing building blocks and thematic worlds.

Set Components:

– 16 Unique Expansion Pieces

Recommended Age:

Optimal for children aged 4 and above.

Hubelino KIGA Marble Run Set Expansions are not just additional components; they are gateways to endless creative and educational explorations. Enrich every building experience with these premium, compatible, and innovative expansion pieces, and let every creation be a stepping stone to learning and discovery!

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