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Hubelino Learning Numbers

Hubelino Learning Numbers SKU H410009


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“Learning Numbers” with Anton and Lisa: A Journey into the World of Mathematics

Embark on an adventure into the realm of numbers with “Learning Numbers,” a delightful educational game designed to introduce preschoolers to the basics of arithmetic. Accompanied by the friendly ants, Anton and Lisa, children will uncover the secrets of numbers, setting a strong foundation for future mathematical tasks.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Number Exploration: Each number from 1 to 10 is represented in four distinct ways, providing a tactile and visual approach to understanding quantities and numerical concepts.
  • Portable Learning: Packaged in a high-quality suitcase with a convenient carrying handle, this game is perfect for on-the-go learning, ensuring that your child’s numerical explorations can continue anywhere.
  • Pedagogical Design: Developed in close collaboration with child development experts and educators, “Learning Numbers” is crafted to align with the latest teaching methods and foster a deep, intuitive understanding of early math.
  • Quality and Compatibility: Proudly manufactured in Germany to the highest standards, this game is not only durable but also 100% compatible with building blocks from leading manufacturers, integrating seamlessly into your child’s existing playset.

Why Choose “Learning Numbers”?

“Learning Numbers” isn’t just a game; it’s a gateway to mastering the basics of mathematics. Through playful interaction, children will:

  • Develop an understanding of numbers and quantities.
  • Lay the groundwork for tackling arithmetic tasks.
  • Enhance fine motor skills through hands-on activities.

A World of Numerical Fun Awaits:

With “Learning Numbers,” learning becomes an engaging, interactive experience. The diverse game possibilities ensure that children remain captivated, turning the challenge of mathematics into a world of fun and discovery. Ideal for preschoolers, this educational tool paves the way for a lifelong journey into the wonders of mathematics.

Take Learning Everywhere:

Thanks to its portable design, “Learning Numbers” ensures that the joy of learning is never far away. Whether at home, on vacation, or visiting friends and family, your child’s numerical adventure can continue uninterrupted.

Discover the joy of learning with “Learning Numbers,” where each number is a step towards unlocking the mysteries of mathematics. Join Anton and Lisa on this educational journey, and watch as your child shapes and understands their world through the lens of numbers.


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