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SKU: H420480

Hubelino Marble Run Basic Building Box (123Piece)

Hubelino Marble Run Basic Building Box (123Piece) SKU H420480


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Embark on a journey of discovery with Hubelino’s 123-piece Basic Building Box, the perfect starting point for those new to the world of Hubelino marble runs. This foundational set is equipped with everything you need to begin your adventure: two baseplates, a plethora of run elements and building blocks, and, of course, vibrant marbles. Included is an instructional booklet, serving as a guide for inspiration or as a blueprint for various marble run designs, all conveniently housed in a durable cardboard carrying case.

Innovative Learning and Play:

Hubelino places a strong emphasis on the harmonious balance between playful enjoyment and educational enrichment. Every product is crafted to be a learning tool, focusing on teaching fundamental concepts through intuitive design, ensuring a seamless blend of fun and learning. Whether following the included designs or creating your own, this set is a gateway to understanding the myriad of possible combinations, promoting spatial intelligence, and a grasp of essential physics concepts like acceleration and gravity.

Quality and Compatibility:

Every piece in this classic set is manufactured to stringent standards in Germany, ensuring long-lasting quality and safety. The components are 100% compatible with popular building blocks from other leading brands, allowing creative integration with your existing collections and unlocking endless possibilities.

Set Components:

– 123 Pieces: 50 Run Elements, 67 Building Blocks, 2 Base Plates, 4 Marbles

– Informative Instruction Booklet

Recommended Age:

Suitable for children aged 4 and above.

Hubelino’s 123-piece Basic Building Box is not merely a collection of components; it’s the first step into a world filled with creative potential and educational exploration. Enhance the learning experience and foster a love for building with this premium, compatible, and multifaceted set, turning each play session into a thrilling learning adventure!

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