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SKU: H420473

Hubelino Marble Run Elements Set (55 Piece)

Hubelino Marble Run Elements Set (55 Piece) SKU H420473

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Transform your existing block collection with Hubelino’s 55-Piece Marble Run Elements Set. This set is ideal for those who already possess a plethora of building blocks and are looking to inject a new lease of life into their collection by constructing dynamic and remarkable marble runs.

Educational and Innovative Play:

Hubelino focuses on harmoniously blending enjoyment and learning. Each product is meticulously designed to introduce foundational concepts and serve as a multifaceted educational tool. This set encourages spatial intelligence and a deeper understanding of essential physics principles like acceleration and gravity, stimulating working memory and enhancing analytical thinking skills through construction and play.

Quality and Compatibility:

Crafted with precision in Germany, every piece adheres to the utmost quality standards. The set is also 100% compatible with building blocks from other leading manufacturers, allowing for versatile and creative integration with existing block collections.

Set Components:

– 55 Pieces: 51 Run Elements and 4 Marbles

Recommended Age:

Suitable for children aged 4 and above.

With Hubelino’s 55-Piece Marble Run Elements Set, extend the capabilities of your existing collection and explore boundless creative possibilities. Immerse yourself in the world of dynamic constructions and educational exploration, and turn every play session into a thrilling learning adventure!

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