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SKU: H420596

Hubelino Marble Run – Marble Lift Accessory (24 pcs)

Hubelino Marble Run – Marble Lift Accessory (24 pcs) SKU H420596


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Hubelino Marble Lift Accessory: Elevate Your Marble Run Experience

Elevate the dynamics of your marble run with the Hubelino Marble Lift Accessory. This ingenious addition breathes new life into your marble runs by offering an endless loop of excitement. With its innovative design, the marble lift ensures that the fun never stops, transporting marbles back to the start for continuous play.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Technology: The marble lift uses a pump mechanism to elevate marbles back to the starting line, creating a perpetual motion that adds excitement to every run.
  • Open Construction: Designed for seamless integration anywhere within your marble run, the lift’s open construction and transparent tubes allow for a captivating visual as marbles ascend.
  • Universal Compatibility: This accessory perfectly complements building blocks from other leading brands, expanding your creative possibilities.
  • German Craftsmanship: Manufactured in Germany, the Marble Lift Accessory meets the highest standards of quality and durability.
  • Educational Play: Aligned with STEAM principles, this accessory not only entertains but also educates, enhancing problem-solving skills and understanding of physics through playful learning.

Transform Your Marble Runs:

The Marble Lift Accessory includes a pump, a rotating add-on, tubes, and a starting position, along with 18 colourful marbles. The pump mechanism, easily operated with a button press, introduces an exciting challenge as marbles queue up for their next thrilling descent. The set’s transparent tubes, standing five blocks high, not only showcase the vibrant marbles within but also contribute to the overall aesthetics of your construction.

Why Opt for the Marble Lift Accessory?

This accessory is a game-changer for marble run enthusiasts. It transforms standard runs into endless loops of fun, encouraging creativity and experimentation. Its compatibility with other block systems ensures that it fits right into your existing collection, offering new ways to play and learn.

A Circuit of Fun and Learning:

With the Hubelino Marble Lift Accessory, prepare to be mesmerized by the sight of marbles gliding upwards, ready to embark on another adventurous run. It’s an ideal addition for those seeking to infuse their marble runs with more action, complexity, and educational value.

Dive into a world where your marbles soar to new heights, thanks to the Hubelino Marble Lift Accessory, and watch as your imaginative constructions come to life.

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