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SKU: H420503

Hubelino Marble Run – See-Saw Expansion (45 pcs)

Hubelino Marble Run – See-Saw Expansion (45 pcs) SKU H420503


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Hubelino See-Saw Expansion: Elevate Your Marble Run Adventures

Introduce an element of dynamic fun to your marble run creations with the Hubelino See-Saw Expansion. As our largest expansion element, the see-saw promises to add a thrilling twist to your marble runs, offering an inventive way to harness momentum and gravity for an exhilarating marble journey.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Design: The see-saw mechanism is a game-changer, requiring strategic placement to utilize the marble’s momentum, propelling it upwards before descending with increased speed.
  • Universal Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with blocks from other leading manufacturers, enhancing your existing collection and encouraging imaginative construction.
  • Exceptional German Quality: Manufactured exclusively in Germany, each piece in the 45-Piece See-Saw Expansion adheres to the highest quality standards, ensuring durability and safety for endless play.
  • STEAM Learning: Aligning with STEAM educational principles, this set offers a playful approach to learning, encouraging an understanding of physics concepts such as acceleration, gravity, and balance.

Unleash Creative Potential:

The See-Saw Expansion is not just about adding a piece to your marble run; it’s about integrating a thought-provoking challenge that tests the limits of physics and creativity. Perfect for builders looking to elevate their designs, this expansion set becomes a centerpiece in large constructions, captivating the minds of young engineers.

Why Opt for the See-Saw Expansion?

This set goes beyond mere play; it’s a tool for innovation, critical thinking, and problem-solving. It invites builders to carefully consider the laws of motion, adding a layer of educational value to the thrilling excitement of marble runs.

Construct, Learn, Enjoy:

With the See-Saw Expansion, every marble run transforms into a thrilling experiment in physics, offering a hands-on approach to understanding complex concepts in an enjoyable and engaging way. It’s an ideal addition for those who wish to blend fun with educational insights, providing endless opportunities for growth and enjoyment.

Dive into the world of kinetic energy and balance with the Hubelino See-Saw Expansion, and watch as your marble run constructions reach new heights of excitement and learning.

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